The philosophy of our company is that the construction of the drilling must always be done according to the rules of science and technology, in the most economical way possible.

Drilling in Greece is a misunderstood object. The projects are often made by people without scientific knowledge and construction experience, with the result that we do not have the best desired result. Drilling construction is a specialized branch of geoengineering, taught in universities and has a huge scientific literature. The development of the object mainly came from the many years of experience of deep oil drilling.

According to our great knowledge and experience we have found that a drilling project if not properly designed and constructed with technical perfection and according to scientific parameters, has a high risk of failure.

More specifically, if the appropriate equipment, the appropriate technique, the correct procedure is not used and there is no scientific knowledge and construction experience, the drilling may not have the required optimal performance.

Specifically, there is a high risk of giving a smaller to non-existent amount of water, poor quality (dirty water, brackish water, etc.) with a short lifespan.

There are many factors that can affect the outcome. Some of them are described in more detail in the Technical Description of Drillings which are briefly:

  • The drilling technique (air or mud)
  • The depth of the drilling
  • The diameter of the drill
  • The quality of the pipes
  • The depth of placement of the filters
  • The development and cleaning of the aquifer
  • The pumping test
  • The drill pipe
  • The drilling paste used, etc…