We have complete drilling equipment, which consists of:

  • drilling rigs
  • high pressure and supply air compressors
  • escort trucks with crane
  • trucks
  • pumping units
  • generators
  • drilling pipes
  • counterweights
  • drilling drivers
  • cutters
  • air hammers
  • expanders
  • stabilizer
  • mud pumps

With our equipment we can make all kinds of holes in the ground.

We have the ability to build drillings to a depth of 800m.

Our smallest drilling rig can enter a small urban area (eg an apartment building) and drill to a depth of 200m.

Our drilling rigs in more detail:

  • For drilling “shallow geothermal”, drilling rig in crawlers for construction sites, with a depth of up to 200m.
  • Drill on wheels with the largest drilling equipment for drilling to a depth of up to 800m. for exploitation of “geothermal potential” (low enthalpy 250-1000C).
  • For water drilling (water drilling) we have modern drilling rigs, which cover all the possibilities and techniques that may be needed for the completion of the most specialized drilling projects.
  • Drilling rigs for small spaces self-propelled on wheels, with a minimum required working space height of 2.5 m, a minimum width of 1 m and a maximum depth of 200 m.
  • Drilling rig on tracks, for areas with difficult access (depth 200m.).
  • Hydraulic drilling rigs for drilling up to a depth of 600m.
  • Modern and specialized drilling rig to construct drilling with mud (concrete), which also has a reverse circulation system (perhaps the only one in the country) for special drilling.

In addition to the appropriate drilling rig that should be selected for each project, the correct design of the technique and equipment to be used must be done.

There is a very wide range of air hammers, cutters, expanders, guides, counterweights, stabilizers, the correct selection and use of which are very important for the success of drilling.