We manufacture water boreholes with great scientific knowledge and technical experience since 1988. We have excellent equipment and competitive prices.

Drilling phases in a nutshell:

A.) Initial design of drilling specifications, selection of technique and equipment to be used.

B.) Drilling construction according to the rules of law and technique. Project log, rock sampling, level measurements, conductivity, etc.

C.) Test drilling of the well with pumping steps and pumping of constant flow. Level measurements, pumping tables, recording in semi-numerical or analog diagrams.

D.) Compilation of technical report of results, drilling section and processing of test pump measurements, with level recording tables and diagrams (semi-numerical, proportional). Chemical analysis of water.

All phases of the project are supervised and guided by a highly experienced geologist.

The correct construction of the drilling, the test pumping and the scientific interpretation of the diagrams, give us the best possible use of the drilling, its longer life, in the most economical way.