The main object and areas of specialization of the company GAIADRILL are:

  • Water drilling
  • The construction of geothermal drilling
  • The construction of geotechnical works that concern holes in the ground (eg soil drilling, small piles, anchors, cement injections, photo bases, grounding, elevator, etc…)

WATER DRILLS (studies, licensing, drilling, pumps, pumps)

We have a wide range of drills and technically trained, scientific and technical staff, who can carry out even the most difficult drilling.

We undertake all phases of the project related to water drilling.

In more detail:

  1. The hydrogeological study for the discovery of water.
  2. The care of the file, which includes the geological report as well as the necessary supporting documents, for the required issuance of a drilling construction permit.
  3. The design and construction of water drilling, according to the rules of science and technology.
  4. The pumping test of the drilling, in order to perform the proper cleaning and development of it and to determine the technical characteristics of the drilling. In this way the appropriate selection of the pump unit (submersible pump) can be made. The above elements of the test pump are utilized in the final drilling license report.
  5. The supply and installation of pumping unit and technical support.
  6. The care of the licensing file, which includes geological – technical report of results and all the required supporting documents from the competent Water Department.

GEOTHERMAL DRILLINGS (studies, permits, drillings)

We have our own specialized equipment, scientific and technical staff, with the greatest experience in the construction of geothermal drilling.

Our company:

  • cooperates with engineering design offices, whose main object is the elaboration of heating-cooling studies through geothermal systems, as well as
  • undertakes the issuance of the required license


Our company undertakes the elaboration of geotechnical drillings, which concern private and public projects.

Specifically, we undertake the execution of geotechnical research drilling related to the foundation of apartment buildings, commercial buildings, bridges, roads, etc.